To those who are looking for Diane Carlin of the Carlin Institute on Preston Hwy:

Diane was a wonderful, successful hypnotherapist in Louisville for almost 40 years. She is now retired and has moved to Florida. My name is Deanna O’Daniel, MA,Cht,PH.d. I worked at the Carlin Institute for the first 5 years of my 22 year practice. I had my own clients during that time, as well as helped Diane with the overflow of her many clients when necessary. Thanks to Diane’s generosity and sharing nature, I use several of the same programs and methods she used, with so much success!

I am grateful to Diane for the opportunities she has given me, and I am lucky enough to be a longtime friend of hers as well as a business associate. Diane is now referring clients who are looking for her services to me. My business is called Self Seek Hypnosis, and as I stated, I have been in business for 22 years.

I love empowering people to use their sub-conscious powers to achieve their conscious desires. This is a direct quote from Diane.

Please check out my website, Not only my programs, but my pricing is comparable to Diane’s. Thank you for your interest. My phone number is 502-452-9786. Please leave a voice mail if I am with a client. I will return the call ASAP. This is a land line and soes not take text messages. Thank you!